ENUMATH Conference 2013


Adaptive finite elements
S. Perotto, S. Micheletti, M. Picasso
Adaptive stopping criteria (in the context of linear and nonlinear solvers for numerical discretizations of PDEs)
Alexandre Ern, Zdenek Strakos, and Martin Vohralik
Advanced numerical methods for fluid mechanics
Erik Burman, Alexandre Ern, and Miguel Fernandez
Approximation, compression, and data analysis
Philipp Grohs, Massimo Fornasier, and Rachel Ward
Asymptotic preserving schemes for highly-oscillatory PDEs
Philippe Chartier and Mohammed Lemou
Bridging software design and performance tuning for parallel numerical codes
Christian Engwer and Dominik Goeddeke
Current trends in numerical linear algebra
Valeria Simoncini
Deterministic and stochastic optimization methods for detailed PDEs design and related industrial applications
J. Periaux
Finite elements for PDE-constrained optimization
A. Roesch, B. Vexler
Geometric Partial Differential Equations
Ricardo Nochetto and Andrea Bonito
Low-rank tensor techniques
L. Grasedyck, Th. Huckle, B. Khoromskij, and D. Kressner
Andrea Bonito and Jean-Luc Guermond
Modelling, Analysis and Numerical Techniques for Viscoelastic Fluids
Jochen Kroll and Stefan Turek
Multiscale methods for atomistic and continuum models
C. Ortner, A. Abdulle
New trends in nonlinear methods for solving diffusion equation
Clement Cances and Bruno Despres
Numerical methods for fluid flows with free boundaries and interfaces
Maxim Olshanskii and Yuri Vassilevski
Numerical methods for fully nonlinear PDE's
Max Jensen, Omar Lakkis, and Tristan Pryer
Numerical methods for linear and nonlinear eigenvalue problems
Peter Benner and Nicola Guglielmi
Numerics of Fluid-Structure Interaction
Th. Richter, R. Rannacher
Preconditioners for saddle point problems
S. Deparis, A. Klawonn, L. Pavarino
Reduced order modelling for the simulation of complex systems
G. Rozza, A. Quarteroni
Surrogate modeling approaches for PDEs
S. Perotto, K. Smetana, and A. Veneziani
Time integration of partial differential equations
A. Ostermann
Uncertainty Quantification for PDE models
Ch. Schwab, F. Nobile



ENUMATH Conference
Station 8
CH-1015 Lausanne